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List of species and supplementary range


We sell all kinds of varieties of ornamental conifers, from dwarf trees for rockeries and troughs, through small and medium-sized species for urban gardens to massive grown cultivars for large gardens.

Trees are sold individually, or as part of a project and complete laying-out of a garden.

Most plants can be seen in the display area within the garden centre.

We mainly specialize in conifers, you can get almost everything here including rarities and collector’s curiosities. Spruce, pine, fir, larch, yew, juniper, cedar, cypress, southern cypress, ginkgo, metasequoia, sequoia, sciadopitys and many others in a dazzling array of species and varieties of all colours, shapes and sizes.

Additional items in our range include ornamental deciduous trees, including various types of beech, maple, birch, oak, lilac, willow, elm, magnolia, rhododendra, azalea, heather and others.

You can see everything in our store itself in České Budějovice, see contact details.

The plants are not imported, but are produced and grafted in our

climatic conditions and are therefore hardy and well-viable.







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